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From: Jeslyn Lim


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  • The Missing, but Crucial Nutrient not Covered in the Original Master Cleanse Diet. Missing This can Turn Master Cleanse into a Dangerous Diet. Stanley Burroughs Will Be Ashamed to Admit that he Missed this Altogether!

  • Why You Shouldn't Listen to Stanley Burroughs, and Stay in the Master Cleanse "up to 40 Days and Beyond"?

  • The Most Dangerously Overlook Ingredient that Can Sabotage Your Master Cleanse, and How to Avoid it.

  • Why a Deceivingly Worthless Leafless Spiny Plant Can Single-Handedly Decide Your Success or Failure.

  • What Food You Can Eat and "cheat" while on the diet. (Yes, you Hear Me Correct. I'll Reveal a Food You can Eat without Nullifying your Master Cleanse Effort).

  • An Easy Way to Reduce the Uncomfortable Aches and Pains in 30 minutes or less.

  • How to Use Master Cleanse to Detox and Lose Weight in just 10 days!


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